Why don’t we just respect women?

                “Babe!”, “Witwew”, “Digits please”, “Lamia oy (in vernacular)”, and “Akoa naka beh” are just some of the phrases used by men to catcall women. Most women hear this everywhere. You see that this action – catcalling, does not choose a place to do this. Women get to receive inappropriate words from men everywhere.

What is Catcalling?

                 Catcalling is said to be a term referring to when a man whistles, yells, hollers, or makes a comment to women in a sexual manor. Women, even at a very young age, have already experienced this. You get to hear these even just when you walk by the streets, wear clothes showing a little bit of skin, or sometimes, even if you just stand right there and do nothing at all, you will still hear men from nowhere call you this. Surely, almost the whole population of women in the world have experienced this countless times. However, even if we often receive these, the feeling is so unusual and you feel discomfort; there’s nothing right that is happening.


                This is DEFINITELY a YES! Indeed, catcalling is a form of sexual harrasment. Once the dignity and respect for women is not being given to them and being messed up, you are actually harrassing them. With the darkest intention of men catcalling women, it is already a sexual harrasment. Why? Well, do not ask me why. Ask yourself this, why would men really catcall women? What comes to the minds of men to catcall women without second thoughts? What could they get as they continue to do this? What are they thinking? Does their conscience even haunt them? They do these for pleasure! For fun! But the pleasure they are getting only satisifies them in a very bad manner. And the “fun” they try to show is not even entertaining.

“They are being catcalled because of what they wear!”

“Change the way you dress!”

Women get to be accused based on what their outfit is as they get to be catcalled. Honestly speaking, this has been a common misconception now. It is not on what women wear that they are experiencing such harrasment. In fact, a lot women also wear long sleeve tops and long pants, but why are they still being yelled at by men? Catcall chooses no place, time, age and even the outift! Women should not adjust to the way people treat them. Men should adjust their own attitude to fit in this appropriate world. Women have rights to dress the way they want to. They have the right to choose and buy the clothes they are comfortable wearing. Women deserve to be treated well.

What happens to women after being catcalled?

The impact of this action to women is a very big one. A negative impact has hit their lives and greatly affected it. Women, because of trauma, tend to be very anxious and concious as they step to the outside world. Trust issues with their own surroundings occurs. The safety they are looking forward to the most is not there anymore (since their homes are their only place they could trust that is safe). As they are strongly frightened about this action, they could not think straight anymore and able to have mental illness due to the problem they are facing. Depression then comes in. To worsen things, the catcalling action results to suicidal attempts to actually the main suicidal action. (The decision of ending her life was maybe caused by a worst experience that she could not bear still staying in a “toxic”community.) It is not easy.


  1. Promote awareness on this serious issue
  2. Spread talks regarding catcall
  3. Stop catcalling


               We should not be leaving this issue behind. Instead, this must be given attention to take action on stopping this. This is purely no joke. Think about putting yourselves on their place and walk with wearing their shoes. Keep in mind the effects that already happened to many women all over the world. Let us all be serious!



A black female person thinks of cutting her wrist


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